//Wedding – A Momentous Day in Woman’s Life 
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Wedding – A Momentous Day in Woman’s Life 

Taking your vows and getting married to the love of your life is one of the most memorable moments in people’s lives. Some people even call it “the first day of the rest of your life”, which is why it’s important to start your new life and your marriage to your spouse in the best possible way.

No other day in your life represents your commitment and love for your spouse like your wedding day, and there’s nothing more important on your wedding day than the wedding gown you wear. Most married women look back on this important day years later in memory and in pictures and the one thing they’ll remember most is their bridal gown.  

A bride’s gown on this momentous day is the centerpiece to the entire wedding. It’s what makes the bride stand out to not only her groom, but all her family and friends in attendance. It’s what makes the day memorable for not only her, but everybody else who was there that day. It’s what people talk about most after the event has come and gone, and it’s the wedding dress that seems to stay etched in most people’s minds over time. When that moment arrives during the ceremony for the bride to make her meaningful walk down the aisle, it’s what she’s wearing that people will notice first. The entire crowd may be dressed well for the event, but it’s the bride whose outfit garners the most attention as everybody’s heads turn to look at her.  

This is why it’s important that you have a dress that is not only unique in design, but that looks best on you so that others talk about how amazing you looked in it the next day. At Ormalu, we’ve been designing and providing the best marriage and bridal gowns in Albany since 1987. We’re the leading designers in our industry and we’re the talk of the town because of the great reputation we’ve continued to earn in Albany year after year. 

We have custom-tailored high-quality gowns that will not only look great on you, but that will complement the dresses your bridesmaids will be wearing as well, while still making you stand out among everybody else. We pay close attention to detail and create a one-of- a-kind experience with each dress, so that your special day can be even more memorable than you’ve ever imagined it could be. Your marriage should begin with a lasting memory and nothing will be more key to that than how elegant or beautiful your dress was. 

Whether you’re looking for something that’s long sleeve or no sleeve, conservative or sexy, we can easily accommodate your style and preferences. We have lace dresses, as well as plus size, and can cater to any custom styles you may have in mind. Making sure that your dress is the most elegant in the crowd and the one that will look best in photos years later is what we’re experts at. 

So if you’re planning for your big day and would like to see how skilled we really are at what we do, feel free to contact one of our consultants and we’ll make sure we exceed all your expectations.