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Sporting events are incredibly exciting exhibitions full of vibrant displays and enthralling shows that are entertaining and fun. With most other events they can tend to be a little samey and boring after a while, especially if it is a property expo or something business related. However, when sports are involved you know that you can expect a little more pace and enjoyment when you are exploring the exhibition.

The trouble is, when trying to stand out from the crowd at a sporting event it can prove tricky as there is always so much colour and distraction to compete with. This is why it is paramount that you optimise your display as best you can, thinking outside the box and exercising your creativity to its full potential. Every single one of your competitors will be striving for months in advance to come up with the best possible way of drawing potential custom into their booth, so you better be ready for a fight.

Attention to detail – this is going to be your number one ally when preparing for your sporting event. Your attention to detail is what will make the difference when it comes down to it. The more you scrutinise all of your ideas and designs the better they will be when you make your final decision.

What message are you trying to convey when you’re printing out your feather banners and display stands? Are you using the correct contrasting colours? Is your logo big enough, but not too big that it’s taking away from any of your promotional messages? Where are you going to position these items in order to maximise the visual potential from each possible direction? Just when you think that you might be over thinking something; think about it some more because every detail counts. You could even go as far as to print a branded door mat to go at the entrance of your tent – a tiny feature that could work wonders.

Another key aspect to successfully creating well-optimised and attractive event displays is to know your customer. You must get into the mind of the clientele that you are trying to attract and put yourselves in their shoes. What sort of display are they going to be attracted to? What sort of age group are you dealing with here and what is going to connect with them the most?

Perhaps you are striving to attract a younger, majority male generation – what better a way to attract young men than to have an interactive display or perhaps some sort of competition running. Offering your potential customers an opportunity to win something is an excellent way to have them engage in your product and services; it is also an incredibly fun way to pass the time.

Finally, it is advised that you have the right people hosting at the stand. If you’re employing some rather quiet and unconfident people to head up your display then you’re going to miss out on an awful lot of potential business. Your team should be confident, excitable and engaging.