//Security Screen Doors – Points to Consider
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Security Screen Doors – Points to Consider

Security doors and window screens are an ideal means to provide your home or business with an added layer of protection from intruders and break-ins or to keep a property free from the annoyance of pests and insects. No matter what purpose you are choosing to have them installed for, it is important to consider some crucial factors to ensure that you are purchasing with confidence and finding the most suitable products.

Construction Materials

Given the nature of the items, you should understand what the security screens and doors are constructed from to make sure that they are fit-for-purpose. Whilst it is possible to purchase wooden security frames and doors potentially reinforced by metal, it is becoming more common to see security screens and doors wholly constructed from metals or metal alloys. The metals used in their construction will regularly be steel or aluminium.



The benefits of aluminium over steel is that it is more lightweight. If you are not in need of such heavy-duty items or their weight is an important factor due to the residents’ age or strength, then reduced weight may be something to consider. Aluminium is rust free and, as such, it is ideally suited to climates which may cause potential issues with this.



Steel is normally the strongest type of material for the frame of the doors and will grant the highest levels of security. Remember that the doors and screens can be made up of a mixture of materials and so a steel frame complemented by aluminium grilles or security meshes can often prove to be the best choice. Another thing to factor in is the tensile strength of the metals used, as a low tensile strength will not have the same security levels, so make sure to check this when reading up about the materials used in their construction. If in doubt, ask lots of questions.


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Alongside deciding on the material which your security screens are constructed from, it is also equally as important to check their finish. Generally speaking, this will tend to be either painted or powder coated. Whilst the aesthetic value of them is clearly of importance to a buyer it is equally important that they are suitable and low maintenance. Painting security screens and doors can make them blend in with the design of the property but this type of finish can lead to future issues which may increase their overall costs. Paint is not usually heat resistant and if it is exposed to a lot of sunlight, it can degrade rapidly. Powder coating is a means of providing colour without the same limitations as painting. As it is a dry powder which covers the product without the need of solvents, it will create another protective layer to the screen or door itself. This can save on considerable maintenance costs later down the line.

Warranty Protection

iron gateYou should always ensure you understand if the products you are buying are properly covered by a warranty and what the terms & conditions of that warranty are. For example, Down Under security screens stipulate that on one range of security screens and doors, their powder coating is protected for 24 months. Sometimes small details like this can be overlooked and it is always wise to check that you are aware of exactly what it is you are purchasing. Initial low costs can be rapidly surpassed by the impact of less thorough warranties so factor this into the overall costs.