//Why you may need a trophy engraved

Why you may need a trophy engraved

Recognition for our work or great feats is something that we as humans crave, there’s something about having your deeds validated by your peers that makes us feel complete and satisfied and often times, will compel us to go further than before and to excel in whatever drives us, be that a particular sport in which you enjoy the competitive thrill of playing, and winning against other teams who have the same passion for sports as you, to your work and how you perform in your career in order to be successful in the big wide world.  Either way what drives us to be successful in these fields can vary greatly, whether it’s for personal or financial gain, it’s safe to say that the recognition you receive for your hard work fuels the fires of determination.

Sometimes giving not just your verbal appreciation but a physical representation of their achievements and importance is a great way to solidify those feelings of drive and determination and sometimes a well presented, designed and personally engraved trophy is the only thing that can sum up certain achievements and provide that validation that humans crave. However the specific criteria for you to require a trophy are not so clear cut and easy to identify, and sometimes if you give it in the wrong circumstances it can come off as rather confusing and more of a novelty than a real award from your entity as a validation of your hard work and more something that sits gathering dust in the back of their drawer. So in what kind of circumstances might you need to have a trophy designed and engraved? With this article, we’ll aim to give you a few tips to help you gain a better understanding of the subject.


Let’s face it, what kind of sport does not award medals and trophies? After all some of the most prestigious and sought after trophies and cups in the world are sporting achievements and no event is really whole without some kind of shiny, physical object with which to aspire for. For most sports people, the idea of finishing, exhausted and weary but ultimately triumphant over either the opposing team or the feat at hand and hauling that long dreamed of and fantasized trophy over their heads as people celebrate their victory is one of the main reasons that a lot of them become athletes in the first place, even if they don’t know it. Once again recognition fuelling the fires of determination will lead them to crave more and more and push them to their limits within their sport.

So when you are commissioning a sporting trophy you have to remember how important the relevance of any images or even models that you choose to use on your award are, for example, if you are a badminton club and you are commissioning atrophy, it’s vital that the model represents a badminton racket rather than just a tennis player as it will feel rather insincere and leave a rather “plucked from the shelves” kind of impression when your present it to the athlete who will definitely spot the differences in the badminton and tennis racquet.

Workplace recognition

When you work hard in the office or are out on a site, it can be easy to forget that the work you are doing not only has meaning to you, your career and of course your finances but also it has a direct impact on the company that you are working for and hard work and good income for the company or an output of work from you is bound to be noticed by higher management and if this is you, you may want to think about awarding your most dedicated and hardworking employees with a personalized award to congratulate them on working hard and to show that the company has noticed and recognized everything that they do in order to excel at their work.

A trophy, while granted will be a little unexpected, can bring about that feeling of recognition of how hard they work to excel within the company, particularly if it is a worker or position that usually either gets taken for granted or pushed to the side in order to congratulate more visual exciting or revenue based roles in the company, like design or sales, as opposed to admin. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Click here to find out more about trophy engraving.