//Is Your 4×4 Collecting Dust?
Start Planning Your Post-COVID-19 Adventures Now!

Is Your 4×4 Collecting Dust?
Start Planning Your Post-COVID-19 Adventures Now!

With the current global crisis, many of us are locked down at home and unable to leave. This is taking its toll on many of us, especially the adventurers among us who love being outdoors at any opportunity that we can get.

It’s even harder for those of you who have a beautiful 4×4 that’s collecting dust on the driveway. Our pride and joy sat there wasting away when we could be out tearing it up in the countryside. It’s a difficult time, but one that will pass in due time.

And when the dust eventually settles (which it will), and the world returns to normal, have you got an adventure planned? What is the first thing that you are going to do once we get the green light and you’re all good to go?

Now is the time to prepare for your outdoors 4×4 adventure

Hey, since you’ve got nothing better to do during the lockdown, you just as well start preparing for when life goes back to normal. So, let’s look at ways in which you can pimp your 4v4 out for an awesome post-COVID-19 adventure!

Grab some 4×4 seat covers

Naturally, you’re going to want to tear off the beaten path and get down and dirty in nature. Perhaps you’ll be having a full day at the beach enjoying a spot of surfing and simply being at one with the world. Or perhaps, you want to go hiking in the outback and do some rock climbing. Whatever your vice, it’s going to get messy and the last thing you want is to get the inside of your 4×4 messy.

With 4×4 seat covers, you can prevent the dirty and sand and grit from your clothes from damaging the finish on your seats. This means that you won’t have to worry too much about what you’re bringing into the car as they will be safe.

4×4 fridge drop slides

As far as 4×4 accessories go, the fridge slide is arguably the most incredible. Rather than only have enough supplies for a day trip, why don’t you go camping for the weekend? Or, you can enjoy a BBQ at the beach with plenty of beer and cold meat. You’ll never have to worry about consuming your food as quickly as you can before the esky starts heating up for being left in the sun for too long. Instead, you can keep everything iced cold for the duration of your journey. Awesome!

4×4 tourer and basket packs

Get yourself a 4×4 tourer and basket packs so that you can all of your gear on your next adventure with you. You’ll be itching for the most incredible adventure yet so there’s no finer way of doing it than with everything you could possibly need. Go all out and kit your 4×4 out with one of these beauties and you’ll never look back.