//How to Throw the Best Pool Party!

How to Throw the Best Pool Party!

What’s the point in spending all of that money on a swimming pool installation, or a new home with a pool in it already, if you’re not going to enjoy it? You should throw awesome pool parties at every chance that you get. But of course, it’s not the simple! There is much that goes into planning the best pool party, and we’re going to share some tips with you today!

1 – Choose a realistic date

You can’t throw a pool party on a Monday night and expect everyone to be able to attend! So, pick a realistic date, preferably with at least a few weeks’ notice and make sure that it’s on a weekend! And of course, hope that the weather stays beautiful.

2 – Send out some invitations

You can do this digitally by creating a Facebook or Whatsapp group, but if you really want to go all out and make this a special occasion, you could even mail some proper invites to your friends’ homes.

3 – Pick an awesome theme

Get creative with your theme! Anything water-related will be fun. You could have everyone turn up in surfer “beach-bum” attire, or perhaps go for mermaids and mermen! Just have fun with it and make sure that you’re not too demanding on what people have to spend on their outfits. Again, be realistic! Asking everyone to turn up in scuba gear is a bit unreasonable (and kinda weird).

4 – Stock up on supplies!

As the host it is your responsibility to ensure that your guests are watered and fed. Of course, you can ask people to bring their own booze (BYOB), or you can create a list online with various bits that people can tick off as and when they’ve agreed to bring them. Whichever way you want to handle it, just make sure that there is plenty to go around!

5 – Dust off the BBQ

There’s no way that you could pull off the best pool party without having a BBQ, it just doesn’t happen. You need to dust it off and fire it up. If you want some great BBQ recipe ideas, simply follow the link. This should help with stocking up on supplies as well, so that you can be prepared for cooking up a storm.

6 – Have your pool resurfaced

OK, so this step only really counts if your swimming pool isn’t in the best condition at the moment. If your pool is pristine then you won’t need to worry about it. However, if your swimming pool is fraying and not looking too great, then you should hire a company like West Coast Pool Resurfacing to help you get your pool looking perfect and ready to party!

Have fun

Don’t get too stressed out with the planning process! Just take your time and ensure that you have fun with the whole process. The point in throwing a party is to get your friends together for an awesome day packed with plenty of laughter. So, enjoy it!