//How to Prepare for the Perfect Beach Trip

How to Prepare for the Perfect Beach Trip

Who doesn’t love the beach aye? Well, if you’re an Aussie at least, it’s in our blood to love a good trip to the beach. That’s why we’re always striving for ways to make our beach days all the more enjoyable! The good news is that in this article we are going to share some awesome ideas with you that will help you prepare for the perfect beach trip!

Before we begin, you’re going to need to pick a beach where you can park your 4×4 close to where you’re pitching up. We’ll elaborate on that later!

1 – Use a fitted sheet instead of a blanket

Who takes a bedsheet to the beach? Geniuses, that’s who! So long as you have four big objects that you can place at each corner, a fitted bed sheet will wrap a wall around your bits, keeping the sand out. Just make sure that any visitors are aware that they need to clean their feed off before clambering into your awesome nest!

baby powder2 – Bring some baby powder for the journey home

Sounds crazy right? Well, how frustrating is it coming home from the beach and getting sand all over the place? Well, the good thing about using baby powder is that it removes the moisture from your skin and allows the sand to fall right off you! It’s a clever hack which will make the journey home much more relaxing.

3 – Bring your fridge!

No, not that fridge ya nutter. We’re talking about the awesome fact that you can buy fridge slides for sale online. That’s right, if you have a 4×4, you can have an awesome portable fridge installed in the boot of your car! Can you think of anything better than being able to keep all of your beer, sodas and BBQ meat kept iced cold in your car? That’s right! And they’re spacious enough for you to be able to bring plenty of food. So, if you have other people joining you later, you can fire up the BBQ twice instead of having to cook all of your meat in one go!

4 – Get yourself a roof rack

If you’ve got some paddleboard, surfboards or any other waters-sports gear, then you’re going to need to invest in an awesome roof rack to accommodate you. Find a reputable company like MSA 4×4 which has plenty of different accessories for you to choose from. Then you’ll be able to save more room in the car for your friends and family.

sunscreen5 – Plenty of sun lotion

There’s no better way to spoil the perfect beach day than by having to nurse a horrible sunburn. So, stock up on plenty of sun lotion and take good care of yourself. Be sure not to spend too much time in the sun. And of course, don’t forget to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of ice-cold water that you’ve kept in your fancy fridge.

Of course, these are just a few beach hacks that you can choose from. There are plenty more that you should consider reading up on. But of course, the most important thing of all is that you buy fridge slides for sale online. You’ll never go to the beach again without it!