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Football Training

Best Practices for the Different Types of Footie

Football is arguably the most popular sport in the world, especially throughout Europe and Africa. While football or ‘soccer’ isn’t so popular in the US, its presence is still felt and there are still children and adults alike who are on the lookout to learn.

Football is a relatively safe sport that is an excellent form of exercise and is a brilliant way for people to socialise as well. Often groups of adults and friends will get together at the weekend for a quick kick around, while others take it seriously and pursue amateur careers in their spare time.

You might be an amateur coach looking for some new tips and tricks on how best to train your team, or perhaps an avid player seeking out new ways to improve your game; whatever the case, it is always important to stay sharp and keep your body running at an optimum level of functionality.

One of the best ways of staying on top is by practicing football drills. There are a number of different drills that focus on controlled repetition and various skills that allow you to react faster under pressure when playing in a real football match. Not only do certain drills provide an excellent workout and improve your ability, but they can actually be quite fun as well.

There is controlled dribbling, speed dribbling, turning and breakaways, all of which are handy tools that are worth sharpening. Another great way to improve your speed and teamwork capabilities is passing while running and aggressive receiving football drills. These might get a little tedious after a while though they are the types of activities that are essential for improving your focus, attention and skill at the same time. They also allow players to work better together and improve on their communication and overall flow.

Before training with any sport it is always paramount that you ensure you’ve consumed the required amount of food in order to burn into valuable energy. If you’re running around with an empty stomach you are going to flag pretty fast and your performance will be significantly lower. Personally, when I am performing without having had enough nutrition and protein I find that my concentration tends to wane and my attention span is much shorter. This makes it so much harder when trying to hold your own in a game; you’ll be letting yourself down and dragging your team down too.

If you’re on the go and you’re looking for a more convenient way to stock up on the essentials there are some awesome NZ made natural supplements that can be bought online or over the counter. While you’ll always be better off getting your nutrition from a full, well-balanced meal, it’s not always convenient and having natural supplements as an alternative is an awesome way to stock up. There are some delicious protein milkshakes and snack bars that are brilliant for giving you that little boost before a game!

Having a good coach and physio is absolutely key to your success. If you are not part of an organised team or club then finding the proper support in these areas can sometimes be difficult. There are plenty of fitness courses and massage courses out there where someone will be able to learn the necessary techniques in a relatively short period of time so it might well be worth your while asking a friend to enrol on some. Without a properly qualified fitness coach or physio you are immediately putting yourself at a disadvantage against your competitors. Given the demands of the game, any edge that you can gain is going to be what makes the difference. Having that independent eye looking over you rather than trying to manage yourself is crucial because you are not always the best person to judge what you need. Quality massages will prevent you from picking up the niggling injuries which have plagued many a footie player’s career. This can sometimes get overlooked as people focus on the skills and fitness areas without thinking about the long term. Make sure that your career doesn’t get cut short too soon through an unnecessary and easily avoidable injury.