//How to find the right kind of reading glasses

How to find the right kind of reading glasses

Reading is one of the oldest intellectual pastimes in the civilized history of humankind and has been enjoyed for thousands of years, whether it’s a fanciful story that is set in a world that will never be or it’s a cold hard historical study of some long ago event, it’s imperative if you love reading that you take extra care of your eyes and keep them as healthy and clearly focused as possible. After all as you get older they say that you spend less time watching and more time reading and while this can only be a good thing by the time you get around to the “reading” stage you might have already developed some kind of ocular problem.

Luckily in this day and age there are more options open to help you correct your vision than ever. With diagnostic equipment becoming smaller, more powerful and widely available and the ocular solutions themselves becoming cheaper, there has never been such comprehensive treatment of these kinds of conditions before in history, but many people are still die-hard eyewear users and find the price and convenience of use to be the biggest draws, particularly if they are only used for reading. So in this article we hope to give you a rough idea of how to choose the best pair of reading glasses for you.

Magnification level

So dependent on what kind of problems you have with your close-range vision and how severely the effects of these problems are felt, you will require a certain level of magnification in order to help your eyes focus in on the small text most effectively. Choose too low of a magnification and the text will become fuzzy, blurry and amalgamated to the point where it is impossible to read. However getting the magnification too high can be just as big of a problem and can result in the image being blown completely out of proportion by stretching and rounding at the edges of you glasses.

The way you determine whether or not you have found the correct glasses you will need to use what is known as a reading card to be able to distinguish just how much of a difference to not only your vision but also the clarity that the glasses are providing you. They are similar to what you find at the opticians when they test your eyes for different things such as shortsightedness, longsightedness astigmatism and partial blindness. Once you know your magnification level you can then be confident that the pair you are buying are going to help your vision.



Now to go through the painstaking task of trying to find a style that you love and that look great on you. There are different kinds of eyewear styles available to you and even the world’s top designers have started to see not only the market for fashionable and stylish eyewear but also how they can complement both the wearer face and the outfit they are wearing. Some ultra-stylish conscious people even go so far as purchasing multiple pairs to compliment various outfits they may be wearing. However it’s not as easy as you may think to find a pair that does all of this.

You can generally tell where to start by determining the shape of your face and then working to find a shape of lens that compliments it. For example if like a lot of men you have a “square” face shape, meaning that you have a pronounced jawline and angular features will want to go for more oval or rounded frames to avoid extenuating those features.  Another aspect to consider is the colour of your frames. While you may have it dead set in your mind that you want a certain colour you will want to make sure that it also compliments your skin. After all, they will be sitting against that color for a long time and it’s important that they do not clash. Work out if you have a warm or cool skin tone and then use a colour matcher to figure out what colours would work best with your particular skin  tone.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, hopefully now you have a better idea of how to choose the perfect pair of kind of glasses for you. Please click the following link to find out more about reading glasses.