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About us

We are living in increasingly complex times. Work, targets, projects, assignments and meetings seem to be a dominant feature of day to day life in today’s ultra-busy cities. Now, if you just add to this scenario the concept of deadlines, things seem all the more complicated. At a time in our lives where a Monday morning arrives with a packed schedule that often runs toward the end of the Friday evening, at times even intruding on our peace that is of utmost importance to help us recharge our batteries over the weekend, our homes are constantly abuzz with ringing phones, unanswered emails and that last minute call by the bosses panning that extra yard of work which you so wanted to miss.

In such a scenario, just what becomes of the concept of recreation or fun? Surely, not every weekend outing or after office hours schedule may not have scope to always accommodate a party scene! One cannot always have get togethers with friends constantly and imagine, just how many times can you go out for shopping or a movie show followed by a late night dinner with your loved ones?

At British Knights, we believe that there is no leveller quite like playing an intense sport. Imagine the concept where team spirit, bonding, leadership and teaming up takes the centre-stage but outside the domains of those cushy, comfortable and expansive meeting halls, conference rooms and personal cabins. Here you can bond, compete, struggle, tussle and ultimately triumph over your contemporaries and rivals but outside the setting of a corporation or multinational. By sweating it out, over a rigorous game of Aussie Rules, British Knights takes to the field periodically in a riveting competition that is just as nail biting, exciting and ultimately uplifting as any crunch game of rugby out there. We are an ensemble of enthusiastic, passionate and driven individuals who regard this great sport with revered passion and some candour. We all hail from different backgrounds and age groups but are united by a common sport: Aussie rules. It is not just a game but rather a bond of togetherness, a craft defined by competitiveness and a sport that entertains you just as much as it keeps you fit. British Knights isn’t merely a team. We are a unique cast of budding sportsmen from all walks of life. You may be a real pro at this ever competitive sport or a first timer, but, chances are whatever your level of competitiveness is, you won’t find another sport as exhilarating as Aussie rules or a team as exciting to watch and follow as British Knights.