//A Granite Reminder

A Granite Reminder

The durability, beauty, and relative low cost of granite makes it an enduring favourite for monuments and memorials in most cultures. It’s an igneous rock found in abundance throughout the planet, composed largely of quartz and feldspars. This rugged and handsome stone has become a familiar material in many industries and its use in headstones and mausoleums has helped make it one of the most well recognised granular stones worldwide. The affection and comfort this stone evokes in people can be found in almost every country, and its increasing popularity in construction and home design is testament to its aesthetic appeal and practicality.

A Colourful Favourite

Beautiful granite memorials will continue to be the first choice for people looking for a suitable headstone for a recently departed friend or family member. The most popular stones are mostly muted or darker granites, although there are great variations in colour with white, blue, brown, and pink all being other attractive options.  The granular nature of this stone can produce such a wide variety of speckled colour that unique and and very memorable tombstones can be manufactured, and many family members take great comfort in choosing a textured stone which reminds them of the temperament or character of a departed loved one.

A Dignified Finish

The type of finish can have a dramatic effect in the overall feel of the memorial.  The most common options are unpolished, polished, honed, pitched, or rock-pitched.

  • Unpolished stone is usually less expensive, and many people are attracted to the natural feel of untreated rock.
  • Polished stone can be very striking. Its distinctiveness stands it apart from other muted finishes. It has a modern feel, and many people are attracted to its contemporary feel.  Breaking away from a traditionally styled headstone can be a problem if a cemetery has mostly older headstones – it can be viewed as an unsuitable addition.
  • A honed finish is smooth like polished stone, but non-reflective. It can add depth to colour, especially if there are several contracting colours throughout the stone.  It is a popular choice for those who want to combine the traditional with a contemporary look.
  • A pitched finish is a very traditional style which has pitted marks crafted with chisel and hammer. There are variations on this style with axe and bolster also leaving distinctive markings. Many people are attracted to this rugged finish, and the effect can give the headstone a timeless look.
  • Rock-pitch is another very traditional finish. This uses natural rock which has been minimally treated. The stone often makes the headstone look much older than its years. The effect is one of a weathered older stone which many people feel is a suitable look for a timeless marker.

Most memorial providers will offer advice on style and design, and most can produce a headstone to a customer’s specific needs. However, memorial stonemasons can craft stone to whichever specification a customer requires, and also give in-depth guidance on all aspects of choosing a suitable headstone and the relative costs involved.  The job of producing a well crafted memorial befitting a departed loved one is a task of considerable importance.  The finished stone will have meaning. Friends and family will have a timeless reminder of a celebrated life.